About Us

Peach Capital Funding, Inc in Irvine, California provides business loans, personal loans and real estate loans or capital through its multiple lending platforms with over 200 registered lenders for clients with commercial real estate, corporate finance, small business and equipment financing needs.

Our Loan Products: Unsecured Lines of Credit, Revenue Based Lines of Credit, Revenue Based Advance, Merchant Cash Advance, Business Lines of Credit, Inventory Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Equipment Leasing, Accounts Receivables Factoring, CMBS loans, Agency loans, Bridge Financing, Hard Money and Commercial Contractor Credit Lines.

Mr. Marcus Mavakala founded Peach Capital Funding in 2008

“Our mission is getting small-business owners the loans they need to grow and thrive”

“Our vision is to assist 1 Million Entrepreneurs and small business owners by 2030 get the capital they need to survive and thrive, especially during their first five years of existence. To be the #1 source for small business funding in the USA And Canada”

Peach Capital is a small business Loan Broker, with its main office located at 2600 Michelson Dr. 17th Floor Irvine, CA 92612, Telephone Number 800-722-5956.

Peach Capital, PC is known to offer an unmatchable efficiency on helping small business owners finance their entrepreneurial dreams; we use proprietary software to aggregate data about a business’ operations, which is processed by an algorithm that determines loan eligibility.

Peach Capital has helped hundreds of small business owners obtain small business term loans and SBA government guaranteed small business loans.

Peach Capital works with over hundred national, regional, and local lenders and credit unions. Our experts are consistently tracking each and every lender’s trends and requirements, and use this data to optimize the small businesses financial mix so that they receive the most capital, with the lowest interest rate, as quickly as possible.

Our technology enables fast and easy SBA loans with low monthly payments and great rates, while our marketplace of SBA preferred banks increases the likelihood of getting a “yes” by matching you with the lender most likely to fund your loan. And if you don’t qualify for an SBA loan, you may be offered the opportunity to opt in for one of our bank partners’ non-SBA options instead.

We Believe Small Business Matters

Peach Capital Funding grew out of the 2008 financial crisis when the banks that were supposedly “too big to fail” were not equipped to provide the funding small businesses needed for growth. This left a funding gap of hundreds of billions of dollars which banks left on the side-lines, hampering small business from investing in their businesses and putting people back to work.

So-called “Alternative lenders” offered to fill the funding gap at sky-high APRs up to 150%. Because banks could not efficiently fund small business loans, the small business owner paid the price — literally!

We Believe Innovative Banks Are Part of the Solution

The founders of Peach Capital Funding knew there had to be a better way. A better way meant enabling banks to efficiently fund great businesses by using technology and good old American ingenuity.

We knew we could reduce those high-cost APRs for small businesses with the right product and the right technology. We built Peach Capital Funding around SBA loans—with low interest rates, affordable monthly payments and long repayment terms. Next, we built a platform with advanced technology and underwriting to streamline the old cumbersome SBA application process, making it easier and more cost effective for banks to provide loans to small businesses. The result was a win-win: innovative banks are able to offer one of the best small business credit products (SBA loans) and businesses are given fast access with higher approval rates to the low-cost funds they need to grow and flourish.

We Believe Small Businesses Grow and Flourish with Transparent, Affordable and Fast Funding

Peach Capital Funding looked at the lending landscape and became the leader coming in with a smart business loan or personal loan solution! Our fast and easy loan application process is now the best choice for SBA loans for small business owners. We’re also the smartest choice for banks looking to expand or enhance their offering. In fact, we are now the #1 marketplace for online SBA loan originations.

Peach Capital Funding Loans is headquartered in San Francisco where much of the innovative financial technology transformation is taking place. We are backed by leading venture capital firms and are passionate about technology, finance and helping small businesses grow.

Our Team Believes Every Small Business Loan Matters

More than just people in an office, Peach Capital Funding is made up of associates committed to our partners and the small business entrepreneurs we serve. We’re proud to work for the #1 marketplace for online SBA loan originations. To us, every customer matters!

Best Business Loan Deal

SBA loans are the best deals going with 6.50% – 8.75% rates*, loans up to $5 million and long repayment terms.

Fast, Easy & Secure

Use our secure software to prequalify in less than 5 minutes without impacting your credit score. Get funds as fast as 7 days after your application is complete.

Streamlined Online App (with our online process)

We’ve streamlined the loan application process so you only complete one application when you apply for an SBA loan or opt in for a non-SBA option.

SBA Working Capital and Debt Refinancing Loans

$30,000 to $350,000

The best way for most businesses to get essential funds to successfully run daily operations and to save on high interest debt.

Debt refinancing

Refinance high-cost debt and save thousands.

Business expansion

Scale your business by adding new products or services.


Attract new prospects to grow your customer base.

Hire employees

Add needed staff to build your business.

Purchase equipment

Purchase equipment to improve efficiency.

Increase Inventory

Purchase inventory to meet busy sales periods.

Non-SBA Loans

$30,000 to $200,000

The right financing option when you aren’t quite ready for an SBA loan.

Debt refinancing

Pay off high-cost debt and increase your monthly cash flow.

Working Capital

Get funds to hire additional staff, increase marketing or replenish inventory.

New Equipment

Buy new equipment to improve productivity.

SBA 7(a) Commercial Real Estate Loans

$500,000 to $5 million

The fast and easy online way to refinance or finance the purchase of owner-occupied commercial real estate.

Purchase a new business property

Build equity in your business by purchasing rather than leasing. Take advantage of our rent replacement option with minimal down payment required!

Refinance an existing business property loan

Avoid upcoming balloon payments or high-cost interest rates by refinancing to a low-cost, long-term SBA commercial real estate loan.

Cash Advance Providers Peer to Peer Lenders
(including interest rate and fees)
20% – 100% 9% – 36%
FUNDING PROCESS 1 – 7 days 7 – 14 days
LOAN TERM < 1 year 1 – 5 years
TYPICAL PAYMENT FOR A $100,000 LOAN $12,000 per month
(daily payments required)
$5,000 per month

Compare & Save

Better rates and lower monthly payments

SBA Loans
6.36% – 9.57%
as fast as 7 days
10 – 25 years
$1,174 per month