Franchise Financing

Franchise Financing


Find the right business loan to finance your franchise 

Searching for a franchise to purchase can be a difficult, but finding a franchise financing company to fund your venture could be more difficult. Writing a business plan, understanding your financial strengths and connecting with the right franchise financing company is just a few of the steps toward getting the funding you need to fund your franchise business.

A Starting Point

Coming up with a strong business plan as well as understanding the franchise brand are key before you are ready to work with a franchise financing company on the loan for the franchise business.

Keying in on your business management and marketing skills and successes will be key to getting your franchise financing. Personal credit history and financial strength will also play an important part in opening a franchise business and finding the right franchise loan for your business needs.

The Lending Market

A franchisee most often times will fit perfectly into a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan product. SBA loans are made by banks, SBA loans allow the lenders to give loans to borrowers who they may not be able to lend to on a conventional  loan basis.

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Having liquid assets, valuable collateral and a good credit rating will help you receive a franchise loan through our franchise financing company in Orange County, California.

Apply for a Franchise Loan

The first step in applying for a franchise loan with our franchise financing company is making sure you are well-prepared. This means that you should have identified the franchise you wish to purchase and receive a loan and should have your supporting documents and loan package organized and available, lucky for you we are here to help you with this process and prepare you and your package for the best outcome possible with your franchise loan. 

Our goal is to make a solid first impression to show that you are prepared and will successfully put the loan to good use and can be trusted to repay the loan. Accessing capital with our franchise financing company to start your business is perhaps the most difficult step in the start-up process. Peach Capital Funding is here to let you know we are here for you and will guide you through this process of applying for a franchise loan to ensure you receive the right loan to fund your franchise business.

The second step is to be strategic about how you apply for a franchise loan. Key targets for your loan application would be local business lenders like Peach Capital Funding. It is also important to target franchise loan programs that may be familiar with the brand and have made loans to other franchisees.

If you are using the internet to help you find a franchise loan, beware of “Free” service sites not certified. These companies just want your contact information which they then sell as a lead. It is not beneficial for you to get franchise financing with a good franchise financing company and will lead to wasted time and calls from unqualified franchise financing companies.

Keying in on the right franchise financing company is the first step and ensuring that company has the knowledge and know how to get you the right franchise loan. Allow Peach Capital Funding to help you on your way to funding your franchise business. 

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