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Equipment Loans for Startup Businesses in Orange County


Peach Capital Funding provides game changing equipment loans for startup businesses in Orange County. Our small business loan broker office is conveniently located in Irvine. Aside from purchasing commercial real estate, outfitting a business with all the necessary equipment can be one of the biggest financial investments a business owner makes.

Proper debt structuring is crucial to maximizing your profits, and Peach Capital Funding can help you figure out whether it makes more sense for your small business to finance or purchase a particular piece of equipment outright. If your business needs it to make money, we’ll find a way to get it in your hands. Computers, machinery, and transportation are some of the valuable equipment loans we’ve helped finance for our clients.

Requirements for Equipment Loans in Irvine

The equipment loans you qualify for and the interest rate attached directly correlates with the value of the equipment, your company’s financial history, and your credit score. Most equipment loans are generally in the range of 8-30% with set length terms, so you can expect the same monthly payment each time.

It’s ok if your credit rating is less than perfect: The equipment you’re financing serves as collateral. Loan payment terms generally cap out at a maximum of 10 years, as lenders only want to finance a piece of equipment that is still business viable.

Like working capital loans and merchant cash advances, equipment loans are designed to be an agile option for small business owners. Approval odds are far more generous than SBO loans, and the process only takes a few days with a limited amount of paperwork.

After analyzing your business needs, Peach Capital Funding will develop an effective strategy to best obtain all the required equipment pieces your venture needs to thrive. Equipment loans for startup businesses is a matchmade in heaven. Contact Peach Capital Funding in Irvine today!

Benefits of Equipment Loans:

  • Help entrepreneurs obtain the necessary equipment to run their business
  • Access to computers, machinery, transportation, and more
  • Quick turnaround time on approval but higher interest rates
  • Easy access to funds