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Best Working Capital Loans


Receive the best working capital loans with Peach Capital Funding, a small business loan broker located in Irvine. We provide working capital loans for startups and small businesses residing in Orange County. Let us help your company thrive! Even the most successful businesses need cash infusions from time to time. A company can be worth billions, but if the value of the company is tied entirely in fixed assets there’s no way for them to afford the cost of daily operations. Conversely, if a business is still in its early stages, a surplus of liquid capital to fund operations may not exist just yet. This is where working capital loans shine best. Let Peach Capital Funding work with your small business and support your daily operational needs.

How do Working Capital Loans work?

At Peach Capital Funding in Irvine, we guide a wide range of Orange County businesses through the working capital loan requirements. A working capital loan is designed to handle daily operating and overhead expenses such as accounts payable, inventory, marketing campaigns, and more. Small businesses that have seasonal or cyclical sales also rely on working capital loans to keep the business afloat during times of reduced activity.

Unlike SBA loans and commercial real estate loans, working capital loans have quick approval times. Decisions are made in a matter of days rather than weeks, and getting an approval is also considerably easier. There is a catch, though. Compared to SBA loans, the convenience of easy approval and accessibility is offset by a much higher interest rate. Working capital loans are also usually tied to a business owner’s personal credit —any missed payments will directly affect their credit score.

The bright side to the increased APR is the fact that you still maintain full ownership of your company. Oftentimes, small business owners receive funding from an equity investor and in turn give up a portion of their decision-making power. Apply now, let our financial advising team here at Peach Capital Funding figure out a way to fund your business in Orange County while allowing you to keep the entirety of what you’ve built. Contact us today!

Working Capital Loans Services:

  • Enables business owners to afford day-to-day cost of their business
  • Our financial advisors can help devise a solid business plan and strategy for day-to-day operational needs
  • If you don’t qualify, we find out why and come up with a winning solution